Business model

Minaya Capital AG: a strong partner for success

As a consulting and investment firm, it is our job to support you efficiently and, together with you, lead your company to success.

In addition to offering comprehensive company consulting, we as consultants can develop management solutions for you or take over project coordination. Furthermore, we can assist you on an as-needed basis during an IPO, discuss capital measures with you and provide advice and support in connection with your financing objectives.

We offer comprehensive coordination on all topics, working internationally and exclusively together with partners who are leaders in their field: that is what sets us apart!

Moreover, we possess a recognized network of consultants and bankers, along with an international team of lawyers, tax advisors and auditors.

Additionally, when it comes to investments or the purchase of equity positions, we are the right partner for you. On the one hand, we are active ourselves in the area of minority and majority shareholdings. On the other hand, we place a high value on maintaining contacts with potential investors in connection with the acquisition of majority shareholdings and capital increases.

In contrast to many other companies, we do not focus primarily on our exit strategy when making investment decisions. Rather, our investments are based on a business model characterized by growth and strong profit margins, where the long-term value development of your company is at the forefront.

Whether an investment or equity purchase is right for you depends on various factors:

  • Preferably, you are active in the fields of renewable energies, energy efficiency or electrical engineering
  • Your company is already established on the market or can demonstrate that it has a preliminary customer base and success in sales
  • You have unique technologies, services or a functioning and in-demand product
  • You have an intact management structure with strong leadership qualities
  • Your company strategy is well thought out.
  • You value fairness and honesty in a business relationship.

And last but certainly not least, you must stand proudly behind your company’s concept and be convinced of the value of your technology, service or product. Only then can we, together with you, lead your company to success.